The platform of choice for building and publishing highly open, moddable and live 3D experiences

During the 2000s Flash games, combining artwork and scripting had a rapid workflow which encouraged experimentation and brought about a creator community. Anyone could launch interactive experiences, if not successful, they'd make another quickly.

More recently Youtube, TikTok and Figma have made it easy for creators to collaborate and release fun content and distribution to billions.

We have seen gamer communities modding and customising games ever since the early days of gaming. Unfortunately today many games, even web based, live in their own silos and controlled in centralised ways. Both the assets and game logic is locked up and not reusable. Even if it is open source, it still limits the modding to those with the programming know how.

This is where WebAssembly and On-Chain technologies really shine.

We use WASM for highly efficient, cross-platform 3D and physics. This is something that cannot be achieved with existing proprietary technologies. WASM also has an advantage when it comes to security, which is essential when mixing JavaScript with on-chain gaming. The KIP engine is also highly modular, and you can even replace the front-end with your own. With decentralized identity, resource management, and on-chain logic, games and open worlds with limitless building possibilities can be created.

For example, a haunted mansion game could be modded to have new levels, including secret ones that are only unlocked if you hold a certain on-chain asset or when an event occurs, such as the Bitcoin price reaching $20,000. This allows for easily shareable experiences that can be linked to events that happen online in other apps or offline (through oracles).

On-Chain & Permissionless building for innovative and social experiences

KIP engine uses its own web-based 3D and physics paired with on-chain technologies. Allowing for:

  • Permissionless building

    • Modding / Forking

      Modify games on the fly. Add new levels, game logic which are bound by smart contracts.

  • Ownership

    • Own any asset from entire games through to the shaders

Creator tools for the next social phenomena

We believe Web3 and the metaverse will bring about new social phenomena where users play an ever increasing role in creating content and modifying the experiences to best suit them. They will need easy to access, open infrastructure and tooling to enable it.

Our engine is highly modular, UIs and marketplaces can be made for any experience and easily shared on websites or apps.

Empowering the creator economy

To empower a creator economy where any digital item can be designed, fashioned and kept either as a collectable or a useful "smart asset" within expansive 3D spaces, games and worlds.

In fact both developers and players can modify games with new game logic, backed by smart contracts, that enable new games that take on a lives of their own e.g. new levels, artefacts, monsters or completely different graphics styles and physics rules.

We see a future of 3D user generated content being spread via interactive spaces and games which utilise the best of VR/AR, NFTs and Gamefi. Items will have providence and undisputable ownership via the blockchain. Our users can imagine & build immersive Gamefi and NFT enabled experiences which can be easily shared via web links across multiple channels.

Your metaverse home and start point

To create the "home" for every metaverse user and their avatar, where they feel ownership for their personal 3D spaces which they decorate, collect and curate items for and share socially.

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